May  Events
May 1  Communion
May 1  Guest Speaker     Adrian Lampkin, ABC/GRR Area Minister
May 3  Senior Potluck     12 Noon
May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31  Prayer Meeting     6:30 pm
May 4, 18  MOMS     9-11 am
May 6  Extravagant Women's Night     7 pm
May 8  Men's Breakfast
May 9, 23  Community Meal     6 pm
May 11, 12, 13  Clothing Exchange     9 am-5 pm
May 12  Volunteers @ Midwest Food Band     6:30-8:30 pm
May 15  Recognizing HS Graduates & College Degree Receipients in Worship
May 19  Community Sewing     9 am-3 pm
May 22  Pastor Daryl Preaching
May 22  Baptisms in Worship  /  Potluck Following Worship
May 22  PCHS Baccalaureate   Pastor Josh Speaking     7 pm

"Child Dedication"
Here is a brief description:

Because First Baptist Church of Fairbury believes children are a treasured gift from God, we are committed to walking alongside parents as they bring up their children.

The parent/child dedication is a public commitment made before God, your church, and your family.  The dedication ceremony provides you, the parent(s), an opportunity to express your desire to lead and spiritually nurture your child in partnership with God and your church, so your child will develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in their capacity to love God and love others.

Baptism is an individual public acknowledgement stating a personal commitment to follow Christ.  Because the symbolism of baptism requires a more adult level of knowing and development, our church requires children be old enough to understand and express faith in Christ.

For children not ready for this, we encourage parents to dedicate their children to God, committing to the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual growth of their child within the community of the church.  Most parents dedicate their children as infants or toddlers, although older children may also be dedicated.

If you would like to learn more about child dedication, 
please contact one of our Pastors at the church office, 815-692-2654.